Session Spotlight: “Right-Sizing” Penalties with Technology

Poverty is not a crime, yet people in poverty can trigger escalating fines and fees through inability to pay—a self-perpetuating cycle. This cycle of escalating courts costs, fines, and fees effectively criminalize poverty.

This education session focuses on two court projects aim to avert this escalation by including the assessment of ability-to-pay in the sentencing and penalties phase of a court case.

The Michigan 31st District Court uses an online “ability to pay assessment” developed at the University of Michigan.

In Kentucky, the Administrative Office of the Courts added payment plans and assessments to its online ticket resolution earlier this year.

This eCourts session is an opportunity to learn from the experiences of these courts on how you might apply this approach to your community.

Speakers for this session are:

  • Laurie Dudgeon AOC Director, Kentucky
  • Judge Alexis Grace Krot, Michigan – 31st District Court
  • Professor JJ Prescott, University of Michigan/Law
  • Beth Lucas, Implementation & Court Services Director, AOC Kentucky

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