Session Spotlight: Correct, Complete, and Informative
Messy paper files aren't so great at delivering actionable information.

Session Spotlight: Correct, Complete, and Informative

Implementing a Data Quality Program and utilizing data in decision making.

Courts collect data to better manage cases and the docket as a whole, to report to the public, to make decisions about resources, to inform policy, and to comply with reporting requirements.

Far too often the data we have are not fit for these purposes. Collecting and leveraging the right data can be one of the biggest ways to have a big impact on a limited budget.

This session will be led by Diane Robinson, Director of Research and Justice Statistics, Administrative Office of the Courts, Arkansas and Dave Byers, Administrative Director of the Courts, Arizona. We will explore:

  • Identifying what data you need to collect
  • improving the completeness and quality of your data
  • considering the life cycle of data
  • using data for good

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