Session Spotlight: Blockchain in the Courts

Session Spotlight: Blockchain in the Courts

A quick Google search for “blockchain”  returns about 85,600,000 results in less than half a second—a lot of people are certainly talking about this technology. Blockchain is such a compelling technology, the SEC issued a warning to public companies about adding “blockchain” to their name to dupe potential investors.

Which begs the question: Is blockchain our future?

We’re going to tackle four topics around blockchain in this lightning-round session led by Paul Embley, CIO, NCSC, and Anne Thompson, Director, New Product Development, Thomson Reuters, IJIS Institute:

  • We’ll answer the inevitable question “Is blockchain the same as Bitcoin?” (Spoiler alert: Nope!)
  • We’ll explore how blockchain might be used in the courts and public sector, focusing on criminal history records, disposition reporting and expunging records—including those out in the public space.
  • We’ll also touch on cases that may come before your judges.

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