eCourts2020: Save Gambling for Vegas, Get Registered Today!
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eCourts2020: Save Gambling for Vegas, Get Registered Today!

For 2020, eCourts is moving across the Las Vegas Strip to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. NCSC is ready to explore this new venue with you, and we hope you’ll join us.

eCourts will take place on December 7–9, 2020, and will continue to follow the well-established and very popular all-plenary format that is ideal for a small, cross-functional team to maximize learning, sharing, and networking opportunities. Education planning is underway, and a draft agenda will be available soon. eCourts has SOLD OUT every year since 2014. 

Why register today?

We are implementing a new pricing structure for eCourts 2020 that aims to simplify and streamline the registration process, and reserves the lowest rates for those ready to push their chips all in.

Keep in mind; our seating is limited to just 750 seats. The first 250 registrants will pay $700; the next 250 will pay $750, and the final 250 spots sell for $800.

All registrations must be completed online—no more paper or faxed forms. Group rates are not available in 2020. Instead, we provide a straightforward approach not connected to abstract dates on the calendar, and that saves the best prices for those able to make an early bet and come to Vegas.

Our same payment options remain available:

  • Credit Card
  • ACH Real Time
  • Check
  • Wire Transfer

There’s no reason to wait. Register for eCourts 2020 today.