For eCourts 2020, we’re handling pricing a little differently to simplify things and reward those who commit early.

Our 750 seats are split up into three pricing blocks:

First Block

$ 700

Middle Block

$ 750

Last Block

$ 800
First 250$700(current)
Next 250$750
Final 250$800

Please note: Group rates are not available in 2020. Our usual payment options remain: credit card, ACH real time, check, or wire transfer.

Getting Registered

A few notes about registering for eCourts 2020:

  • All registrations must be completed online.
  • Mailed and faxed forms will not be accepted.
  • Each individual must log in as themselves and register.
    Do not change badge name field to another person!
  • We still accept credit cards, ACH real time, checks, and wire transfers for payment.

If you do not know your log in or password, please contact us.

Justification Letter

Need help justifying the conference to your employer? Download the justification letter, which outlines the many values and average costs.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any pre-registration questions, please contact us and we’ll help sort them out.


See Exhibitors to learn how to sign up and get more info.