Future Robot Attends eCourts 2018

Meet exciting new faces at eCourts 2018!

There will be at least one guaranteed new face at eCourts 2018. Attendees can interact with Tracey—a 5’5″ tall Future Robot that will be onsite to greet guests and provide conference information. While Tracey has a 32″ touchscreen for displaying information and interacting, attendees can initiate conversations and requests by simply speaking to her. Tracey …

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Bonus Play: Last Call

The clock is ticking! You have 24 hours—or less—to register for eCourts 2018 at our lowest rate. When June ends, so does Bonus Play. After that, eCourts registration will be $150 more expensive. If you know you’re going, register right now before the increase. Register now while Bonus Play is still in effect.  

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One Week Left for Our Lowest Fee

Once June ends, so does Bonus Play—eCourts lowest registration fee. We’ve been busy building a conference full of fast-paced, interactive education sessions featuring some of the best ideas about technology and how it can improve our courts. For most courts, budgets are tighter than ever. eCourts education sessions have a particular focus on leveraging technology to …

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Session Spotlight: Blockchain in the Courts

Blockchain Visualized

A quick Google search for “blockchain”  returns about 85,600,000 results in less than half a second—a lot of people are certainly talking about this technology. Blockchain is such a compelling technology, the SEC issued a warning to public companies about adding “blockchain” to their name to dupe potential investors. Which begs the question: Is blockchain …

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