eGnite Sessions Not to be Missed!

eGnite Sessions are designed to get conference attendees quickly up to speed with sponsor technologies. Here’s just a sample of our eGnite sessions.

Open Platforms and Access to Justice: Driven by Data Analytics and ODR

Two key new technologies create tremendous opportunities for providing open access to the court and its operations. Learn about the results courts have had with Online Dispute Resolution — including in family mediation cases. We will also discuss how big data and new data analytics tools can be leveraged to create an open ecosystem for sharing data across applications and to improve court operations.

Presented by Bruce Graham of Tyler Technologies 

AI, Software Bots, and Court Document Processing: A Candid Conversation with the First Adopter

The Palm Beach Clerk and Comptroller was an early adopter of AI and software bots to automate their court document workflows. In fact, they were the first in the United States. This session is a candid conversation with Cindy Guerra, the visionary that pushed her organization to do such, the challenges they encountered, the benefits received, and their roadmap for the future use of AI. Joining Ms. Guerra will be Henry Sal, the president of Computing System Innovations and the provider of Intellidact AI for the Clerk’s office. Topics covered will be from initial setup for process automation to AI online learning and automatic system accuracy improvements.

Presented by: 
Cindy Guerra of Palm Beach County Florida Court & Official Records
Henry Sal of Computing Systems Innovations

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