eCourts 2020 Session Replays Available Now

We’re happy to announce that all session replays from eCourts 2020 are now available.

Here are some highlights:

eCourts 2020 Keynote: Motivating Strategies for a Remote World

eCourts 2020 Keynote: Motivating Strategies for a Remote World from State Courts on Vimeo.

Presenter: Thomas Topping

In our keynote session for eCourts 2020, HR guru Tom Topping discussed outcome-driven approaches for leaders, managers, and staff that provide resilient models for success in a remote work environment—while creating a satisfying work experience for everyone. Says Tom: “Optimizing staff leadership and team performance at every level of an organization truly excites me. I love developing cutting edge techniques that lead to award-winning approaches in team building.”

Suspicious Minds

Suspicious Minds from State Courts on Vimeo.

Presenters: Siobhan Gorman, Suzanne Spaulding

If it’s not the word of the year, maybe it should be: disinformation. Disinformation campaigns targeted at the justice system present a new frontier of challenges in maintaining public trust and confidence in our system of government, and no part of the system is more susceptible than the courts. Learn about what these attacks could look like if they end up in your backyard, and what you should be prepared to do to respond.

eCourts 2020 End Note: With or Without You

eCourts 2020 End Note: With or Without You from State Courts on Vimeo.

Presenters: David Slayton

Name a tech conference you attended that didn’t include a session about the court of the future. You can’t—until now. Because the court of 2020—with virtual hearings, ODR and AI—is no longer the future. It’s happening, so hop on.

It is clear that for the foreseeable future there will be fluctuating geographical restrictions during this continuing pandemic. Many of the remote and online tools that have been put into place to improve access to the court during this time work well. How will these technologies be used after things turn back to normal? Important next steps should be the continuing improvement of this technology and creating a strategy that properly balances virtual and in-person services. Let’s look to the future and plan now.

So, if you couldn’t make the conference, missed a session, or just want to share a memorable session with a colleague, they’re all ready for you to watch in our eCourts 2020 Virtual Session Showcase.