eCourts 2018 eGnite Sessions

We’re excited to share our full slate of eGnite sessions with you. eGnite Sessions are designed to get conference attendees quickly up to speed with sponsor technologies.

Modernizing your courtrooms with real-time courtroom processing.

Powered by Thompson Reuters

In today’s fast-paced, courtroom settings, the ability to efficiently and accurately manage multiple cases at one-time empowers courtroom staff and increases constituent satisfaction in access to, and administration of, justice. Imagine the improvements to the overall court experience if parties can leave the courtroom with the confidence that case outcomes have been recorded and with copies of signed Orders in-hand so that they aren’t required to visit another office.

Thomson Reuters’ C-Track Courtroom Processing module facilitates real-time processing of court proceedings, bulk entry and action of tasks, and Minute Order generation after a hearing and across multiple hearings at the same time.

Join us Monday at 1:20 p.m.

Case Management Innovation: Consumer Preferences, Compliance, and Technology

Powered by Justice Systems

Join Ernie Sego of Justice Systems, an Ontario Systems company, for a brief overview of the impact of evolving consumer preferences and compliance considerations on court case management. From text messaging to online payment portals, consumer feedback is driving innovation and options in managing accounts, making payments, and receiving communications.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How courts can achieve a consumer-centric approach while embracing stronger compliance standards and practices
  • What courts can apply from the healthcare and finance industry in implementing omnichannel communication
  • What emerging technologies courts can adopt to address these consumer preference trends

Improve your case management through innovation designed with courts in mind.

Join us Monday at 2:30 p.m.

eGnite Session powered by Tybera

Improving Court Data for Better Decision Making

Many courts today require individuals to fill out PDF forms which are then ‘flattened’ to prevent editing. The PDF form is then docketed on the case.

The challenge is, much of this data entered into PDF forms is not populated into CMS database fields where it can be easily searched, consumed, and reported on. Tybera’s Alpine and eFlex solution meets this challenge by storing and indexing XML data for future use and reporting.

A good example of how indexed data can help a court is to consider multiple cases; a divorce case, a separate but related domestic violence case, and a juvenile case. If the juvenile is not a named party on the divorce case or the domestic violence case but is a child to one of those cases, this new extended data collected can be properly stored. A query can then be created to link the relationship to the cases. This gives a judge a much better picture of what is occurring in the child’s life.

Tybera will discuss how our technology helps courts collect, store and present better information for better decisions.

Join us Monday at 2:50 p.m.

Advance Efficiencies Within and Beyond Your CMS

Powered by ImageSource

Most Courts utilize Case Management systems to manage ever-growing case loads, yet significant efficiencies can be attained through smart technologies that both augment CMS and reach far beyond their scope. Ryan Keller will share how ImageSource provides solutions for Courts that:

  • Utilize electronic forms in the courtroom that integrate with data in your CMS, any business system or database, and auto-fill state mandated forms
  • Capture, process & store documents and data to actively support any paperless business processes, from Court cases to HR to AP, and more
  • Automate Public Records Requests processing for faster, more accurate and less laborious responses

Join us Monday at 3:55 p.m.

The Benefits of an Open eFiling Market in State Courts

Powered by OneLegal

In states with open and competitive eFiling markets, eFiling service providers (EFSPs) must compete for customers. Competition drives advances in technology as EFSPs strive to offer the most efficient filing service. Learn how One Legal, an EFSP in California, Illinois, Indiana, and Texas, continues to push forward with advanced technologies — such as AI and machine learning — with the goals of making data entry (and the errors that go with it) a thing of the past and bulk filing possible at the click of a button.

Join us Monday at 4:15 p.m.