Benefits of the Court Component Model

Complex functionality, dynamic workflows, constantly changing requirements and the demand for intuitive user interfaces have consigned monolithic, one-size-fits-all case management systems to the round file.

Now, these systems must also allow for access to data for analysis, measure performance across a number of areas, and allow for the sharing of information with both the public and justice partners. That’s where a “Court Component Model” fits in. These systems promote a modular, business-driven approach. We learned about proposed components and plans to develop standards-based interfaces and get insights from the various stakeholder perspectives, including potential impacts on the marketplace for solutions providers.

– JTC Resource Bulletin: Introduction to the Court Component Model
– IJIS Courts Advisory Committee (ICAC) Court Technology Provider Directory

Jim Harris
Principal Court Technology Consultant
National Center for State Courts

Casey Kennedy
Director of Information Services
Texas Office of Court Administration

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